Challenging Injustice, Advancing Human Rights

Both our donors and the beneficiaries of their generosity have stories to share.

Read their stories below:


Rev. Dr. Sara Emma Zimmerman

I have been a contributor to the UUSC since 1996. That was the year I was in Yunnan Province, China, for several weeks working on a project for Earthwatch.

Remembering Frances “Frannie” W. Davis

October 14, 1926, brought the first edition of A. A. Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh as well as the birth of Frannie Davis.

Committed to Human Rights

Holly Kerr has spent much of her life balancing a full-time career in manufacturing, marketing, and general management with her committed efforts to advance social justice.

A True Legacy

Over the years UUSC has received many thoughtful and generous donations. Sometimes we are fortunate to be included in a donor's will. Leonard C. Brown Jr. is someone special who did just that.

Rodney and Jeannette Debs

A Deliberate Act

Many of us are good at planning. We plan for vacations, our children's college tuition, our daughters' weddings and our retirements.


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