Committed to Human Rights

Holly Kerr

Holly Kerr

Holly Kerr has spent much of her life balancing a full-time career in manufacturing, marketing, and general management with her committed efforts to advance social justice.

With her late husband, Roy, she established the Kerr Foundation, which provides education and leadership development skills to hundreds of Hispanic students in the Lake County region of Illinois.

Kerr's passion for social justice started in childhood. A UU since the age of five, she's currently a member of the North Shore Unitarian Congregation in Deerfield, Illinois, where she has supported UUSC for more than 15 years.

Impressed by UUSC's national and international human rights work, Kerr is drawn to UUSC's leadership, its innovative approach to program development, and its focus on long-term impact.

In addition to keeping her congregation abreast of UUSC initiatives, Kerr is a member of the Stewardship Circle. Members of UUSC's Stewardship Circle make annual contributions of $5,000 or more and participate in an annual retreat where they learn about the latest organizational plans and provide vital feedback on upcoming initiatives.

On top of that, Kerr became a member of the Flaming Chalice Circle (FCC) by including UUSC in her estate plans. She said the decision was simple: She does not have children and her concern for human rights has always been very important to her. Kerr finds deep satisfaction in knowing that the things she values most will live on beyond her lifetime.

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