Rev. Dr. Sara Emma Zimmerman

Rev. Dr. Sara Emma ZimmermanI have been a contributor to the UUSC since 1996.  That was the year I was in Yunnan Province, China, for several weeks working on a project for Earthwatch.  My ticket back to the states required that I first fly to Katmandu, Nepal.  It was in Nepal that I first became familiar with extreme poverty up close, and when I returned to the states and my home church, Unitarian Church North, in Mequon, Wisconsin, I donated to the UUSC for the first time during the 1996 fall campaign.  Over the last 20 years, I have continued each year to contribute what I can because I believe in the effectiveness of the work of the UUSC through partnering, excellent management, and right relationships so evident in all the work that the UUSC does. Although I appreciate all of the partnership efforts, it is the partnerships in Nepal in education, clean-energy and women's social justice programs that I continue think of most when I think of the good work of the UUSC. I became an ordained UU minister in 2001 and served two churches in Florida.   I am now in my mid-seventies and retired from full-time parish ministry.   Because I want to help support such programs in Nepal and elsewhere for many decades to come, I have earmarked a small percentage of my "transfer on death" brokerage account for the UUSC.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my enthusiasm for the UUSC!